Base Prices
ServiceNon-Member PriceMember Price (50% off)
Whole Body Cryotherapy$40 / Session$20 / Session
CryoFacial™$40 / Session$20 / Session
Photobiomodulation$40 / Session$20 / Session
Local Treatment - Spot$20 / Session$10 / Session
NormaTec Compression Therapy$20 / Session$10 / Session
Celluma$30 / Session$15 / Session


Memberships (Choose one: WBC or Photobiomodulation)
1 Session$49
4 Sessions$89
8 Sessions$129
Unlimited Sessions$149

*Family member must live at same address and payment must be made with same credit card as base member.
One service included in monthly membership price listed.
Memberships are auto-pay. Sessions not used before end of each billing cycle are forfeited and are not carried over.


ServiceNumber of SessionsPrice
WBC or Photobiomodulation3 Sessions$100
5 Sessions$150
10 Sessions$250
Local Treatment - Spot10 Sessions$150
NormaTec Compression Therapy10 Sessions$150

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